The Timeliner’s Flames: A witty but sweet story of 4 friends

Timeliner's Flames

The Timeliner’s Flames sends the viewer’s a memory of 90s nostalgia.

|MNN| Ritvik Sahore(The Timeliner’s Flames lead) , a sincere face which can keep you indulged into any series and the same happens here,The Timeliner’s Flames. Ritvik’s last series was a Amazon Prime Video series , Laakhon Mein Ek.

Flames is set in a Sunshine Tuition Centre for 11th and 12th standard in West Delhi.

The story line revolves around 4 friends namely Rajat , Ishita , Panday and Anusha.

Rajat is a sincere kid who has friends Panday and Anusha. While Ishita is new student at the tuition center. Rajat instantly develops a crush on her. Will they be able to bond with each other? Watch The Timeliner’s Flames to find out.

The show is beautifully narrated by Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish, the head of the coaching center. He maintains a tone which will remind you of Neelesh Misra.

The Timeliner’s Flames: Story line is based on teenage love, heartbreak and will very quickly transport you to your teenage memories.

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Four episodes of the show have been aired on YouTube till date. It seems like The Timeliner’s have found their mantra when it comes to the web TV. They maintain a certain purity when it comes to their character’s intentions.

The cast also includes Sunakshi Grover and Shivam Kakkar. Though the characters of Pandey and Anusha are given enough screen time, but they are yet to create a memorable impression on the viewers.

The show aims to target on the 90’s born people with the episodes titling same like some famous romantic songs of that era,“Pehla Nasha” and “Ae Kash Ke Hum”.

The Timeliner’s are experimenting on there web series with different stories from there writers. But they are getting a good and positive response from the viewers. Their last web TV series was “The Aam Aadmi Family” which was meant for the family audience.

All episodes are nearly of 15-20 minutes which you might want to watch if you are in search for some good light drama thing on the Youtube.

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