Men’s Trends are often misunderstood and taken for granted.

2k18 is here and for some style conscious men, it means a whole new Men’s Trends to deal with. Similar to women’s fashion trends, men’s trends also keeps changing, yet many men do not go overboard with trends and stick to their comfort while dressing.

Appreciating that idea of men’s comfort here are 4 looks that you might want go for in the upcoming months of 2k18 .

Men's Trends

1.Loose-fitted look.

Big luxury brands are bringing back the 80’s style of pastel colors to the loose outfits . Men can pick a part from those outfits and then mix that with their own collection to create a new look . A well fitted denim wear can be worn with loose trousers or with a long blazer. Just swipe through google and get some inspiration.


2. Semi-formal wear 

The range consist of shirts, blazers, trousers, and t-shirts. The entire range is the soft shades of color like pink and green are Men’s Trends for 2k18. These light colors are the correct options which one can wear at any occasion. There are also many other options to look for. One can just add some the accessories such as a nice watch and semi-formal shoes. The accessories can complement the whole look.

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Men’s Trends: These are the 4 looks you need to master this year.


Men's Trends


3.Waist coats

Wasit Coat is considered as one of the most elegant formal as well as casual separates to be worn on an ethnic and formal occasion , a waistcoat can be mixed alongside a plain, patterned or embroidered sherwani or with a plain and patterned shirt-pant duo . One can pair it with matching or colorful churidar pajamas and jootis. It enhances the style statement of even the simplest outfits.It is must for 2k18.



4.Mono color outfit


The monochrome or one colour had been in Men’s Trends for 2k17 and it will continue to be seen this year too. It has became a parts of various famous designers collections and many other premier brands have added those in their fashion weeks . Men can try wearing a monochrome outfit on some days with different colored shoes to make thing a bit different.

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